Aya Ohara

5' 2 3/4"  -  98 lbs  -  Dark Brown  -  Dark Brown  -  SAG-AFTRA 



Henry VI- Joan of Arc/Young Rutland - Hawaii Shakespeare Festival

Richard II - Bagot/Ensemble - Hawaii Shakespeare Festival

The Joy Luck Club - Waverly Jong - Diamond Head Theatre

*2010 Hawai'i State Po'okela Award Best Ensemble

In the Absence of Sun - Mi Ran - Helie Lee

Beckett: The Honor of God - Ensemble - CAPS Studio

The Breakfast Club - Claire Standish - Next Stage Theatre

Voices from Okinawa - Harue - Maui Arts Cultural Center and Kumu Kahua Theatre

Tiqri the Little Snow Fox- Narrator/Ensemble - Hawaii Theatre

Cold Feet - Butoh Dancer - Ong King Arts Centre



Subway - OCP - Greg Bell

Consumer Electronics Under NDA - OCP - Dave Hill

Fiat Spec - Supporting 

Oronamin C - Stand-in

Suntory Kinmugi - Stand-in

Shiseido Collagen - Stand-in

JTB - Stand-in

Training & Education


O/C Acting Coach 

Tim Powell- LA Conservatory

Nick Leland- LA Conservatory

Ongoing at LA Conservatory

Multi-Cam Comedy On-Camera, Drama On-Camera- Various Instructors


Cold Reading

Margie Haber Studios - Advanced Intensive- Courtney Burr



UCB - Improv 101 - Marissa Strickland


Commercial On-Camera

Toby Lawless Casting - First Call Intensive - Toby Lawless

Killian's Commercial Foundation- Jaret Sacrey

BA, Theatre and Dance: University of Hawaii at Manoa

Asian Theatre : Butoh, Balinese Theatre, Noh

Dance: Modern, Beg. Ballet, Butoh, Wayang Kulit, Noh

Puppetry, Stage Combat, Theatre and Film Acting


Soprano, Ukulele, Puppetry

Dance: Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Hula. Martial Arts: Kali Eskrima, Kendo, Katana, Basic Broadswords & Stage Combat, Basic Stunts

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