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THEATRICAL | Maggie Nguyen

VOICEOVER | Cyrus Ruiz

Avant Artists
21300 Victory Blvd UNIT 505,
Woodland Hills, CA 91367 


Aya is a Japanese word that means to paint with vivid watercolors. It was given to me by my artist parents after they saw a beautiful ice cream commercial called Aya. I love to create, draw, work in any medium that will express the vivid colorfulness of our world and human nature. 

When I'm not acting or drawing, I love thinking deeply about life and exploring spirituality. I have a tarot and akashic records practice in Los Feliz, CA. 

Contact me!

Los Angeles, CA 90027

//  Base:  Los Angeles, CA
* Local Hire: Honolulu, Hawaii *
//  Genres:  Animation, Anime, Videogames, Commercial, Film & TV, Print
// Vocal Age:  12- 27
//  Range:  Soprano
//  Microphone: Sennheiser MKH416 P46 Shotgun 

//  Interface: Rode AI-1 

//  Recording Laptop: MacBook Air (2015) 
Connectivity via Thunderbolt Ethernet
SourceConnect + ipDTL

// DAW: TwistedWave, Audacity, iZotope

//  Drawing Laptop: Dell XPS 17 9700

//  Drawing Tablet: Kamvas Pro 16

//  Programs: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate
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