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Fun Facts About me : 

Earl Grey is my favorite tea and I do not understand why people prefer English Breakfast over Earl Grey. Sure, it's malty and tasty, but Earl Grey smells amazing like floral perfume and reminds me of the Cotswalds in the UK, doilies and flowers and shit. Like Miss Marple meets Dior Poison on the cover of Vogue, or like the flappy part that's stuck together. It's the bergamot. 

I watch wayyy too much TV. Currently, I'm watching Good Girls, Death In Paradise, For All Mankind, and my absolute favorite, The Walking Dead. 

I watch wayyy too much TV. Currently, I'm watching Good Girls, Death In Paradise, For All Mankind, and my absolute favorite, The Walking Dead. 

The thing I thought was too weird to put on my About Me page: 

>>>> <<<<< 

I am a Yokohama, Japan-born, Hawaii-raised, Los Angeles based actress. I'm full Japanese, but spent most of my childhood in Hawai'i. My great great ... great?  grandfather was the fifth samurai general to the shogun. My father is an illustrator and zen buddhist priest. And my grandmother on my mom's side was one of the first Miss Shiseido models. Acting and dabbling in martial arts has been a great way to get in touch with my traditional roots.

Currently brushing up on my Japanese and learning French. But hand me a Japanese script with furigana and I can do it!

Growing up in Hawai'i, I danced hula for May Day every year. I practiced kendo and dabbled on the ukulele. 


Eventually, I started working as a stand-in for Japanese celebrities like Ueto Aya and Rei Dan, to working in theatre, dancing butoh, and being on camera myself on national commercials. 


Some highlights of my career are when my troupe and I won the Hawaii State Po'okela Award for Best Ensemble - Joy Luck Club. In 2015 I was chosen to attend the ABC Diversity Workshop for EWP members. And got invited back to audition for the ABC Diversity Showcase in 2016. 

I'm a homebody, but I also love to travel. I studied abroad in London, I've been to Italy, France, Ireland, and Brussels. But I'm the kind of traveler that loves to live like the locals vs the sightseeing type.

I'd love to tell thoughtful and deep stories like Wristcutters: A Love Story or Amelie or be Shortround in an all female Indiana Jones movie. And anything where I'd get to wield a sword, of course! I think because my life reads like a weird mix of manic pixie dream girl and Law and Order SVU, and I'm a bit emo and morbid. I'm an overthinking, creative, weirdo who never felt like I belonged because my life has been so all over the place. I've been a hairdresser, bartender, server, tarot reader, lab animal caretaker, admin/registrar, receptionist ...  I've struggled more than I care to admit, but I still think life is beautiful. I'm a resilient, optimistic, and hopeful person. Really smart, but even a little bit naive as I'm sure all dreamers are. So, with my life experience and acting chops and deep thinking brain, I'm ready to bring nuance and richness to your characters!

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